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Inspired living | abundance and simplicity in les Portes du Soleil

Away from the city buzz, l'Echappée Belle invites you to experiment life at a different pace during a guided fasting retreat in the Swiss alps. Located above the village of Morgins, a typical Swiss chalet offers a quiet atmosphere ideal to unwind and enjoy the experience of fasting.

This retreat will allow you to explore new sensations, not miss out on food, explore the juicing world, rejuvenate while cooperating with your body. This is a live self awareness workshop and the juicing cure is ideal to reconnect with your deep self and inner nature.

Each day presents itself with a choice of gentle activities that will support the fasting experience : nature walks, healing sessions, gentle yoga, meditation and free time. Morning activities after breakfast, and free time after lunch. There is a pause every day between 2pm and 6 pm for the participants to feel free to do or not do whatever they feel like. Early evening after yet another liquid meal, a colorful creative playshop will round up the day.

Another great detox proposal will be presented to you mid-week and that is the optional colon cleanse. It is a fantastic method to connect body and mind, a fundamental practice during a fast. It is a benevolent meditation for the belly, to connect with the second brain and bathe your intestine with awareness and respect. It is a gentle cleanse and it flushes out not only what is trailing along in the lower gut, but also has a wonderful effect in releasing mental blocks. It clears the mind and give a boost of energy like no other. It is one of the finest threshold during a fast, after this colon cleanse, you will arrive at the joyful state of what I call the nectar days.

A presentation about food is on the agenda, especially about coming out of the fast, to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the week following your fast. We will also talk about intermittent fasting, and super foods to keep your energy levels and your motivation up !  Any question about food, diet, allergies and so on will find an open space for discussion during the retreat.

Make a date with yourself, detox in 2018 !

From spring to fall, l'Echappée Belle welcomes you for fasting retreats from 3 to 7 days to reconnect, rejuvenate, know yourself better and be gentle with yourself.

A la carte cleanses : it feels so good to feel wonderful !

Several options are available : the whole week - 7 days fast, the short mix and match 3 or 4 days, the longer retreat of 10 days or the longest cleanse plan of 15 days depending on availability.

from Sunday April 8th till Saturday April 14st avril - 2 participants

from Sunday April 15th till Saturday April 21st avril - full

from Sunday May 20th till Saturday May 26th - mix and match : short fast option from Sunday 20th till Wednesday 23rd - already 1 participant

from Sunday June 24th till Saturday June 30th

from Sunday July 15th till Saturday July 21st

from Sunday August 19th till Saturday August 25th - full

from Sunday September 2nd till Saturday September 8th

Other dates on request, don't hesitate to call or email !

jeûner aux Portes du Soleil


Short fast 3 days                    520.-

Short fast 4 days                    680.-

One week fasting retreat        900.-


how about not eating for a while ... every now and then | find a new freedom lifestyle

I find bliss in fasting and I am enthusiastic about opening my home and sharing my experience. I find fasting a fascinating experience and I've been practicing for many years. I will share my passion for natural health with you as well as giving you all the space that you need to be yourself.

Based on training in the basics of naturopathy rounded up by years of experience in individual coaching, I have been hosting fasting retreats for 5 years and I will share with you the fruit of this experience in total confidence. I will be fasting along with you during your retreat and my facilitating style is gentle and friendly. I am taking care of the participants needs and specificities in a small intimate group of 3 to 5 persons.

Fasting is the part of the retreat that concerns food and nutrition. During the week, we will also share spiritual nourishment, and physical well-being, like breathing, soaking up oxygen and sun, mindful walking, etc.


Prepare | rejoice

Preparing for a fast is the first step and requires the same number of days than your actual fast. And the same goes for coming out of the fast.

Preparing going into the fast is highly recommended as it sets the body into a new awareness and considerably decreases the detox reactions that can occur at the beginning of a fast : headaches, nausea, tiredness, moodyness, etc.

Write this time down in your calendar when you are planning your fasting retreat.

It is also highly recommend to have one or several healing sessions during your retreat in order to help the detoxifying process and to enhance the deep relaxation and meet your healing needs occuring during a fast.

A wide range of massage and energy work is available for sessions of 60 or 90 minutes.

The chalet "l'Echappée Belle" meaning beautiful escape has been my home for almost 15 years. It is located up on a mountain near a forest in a nest of nature and you will be enchanted by the tranquil and friendly atmosphere, ideal for a fasting retreat, with only 3 to 5 participants.

On a more practical side, the altitude, the change of scenery, the alpine setting, all is an open invitation to leave your daily life behind and treat yourself to a well-deserved break. A phenomenal panorama spreads out across from the sunny balcony, with the Dents du Midi and the white peaks of the Portes du Soleil. The surrounding nature offers unlimited walking and hiking possibilities, forests, streams, mountain tops with gorgeous views.

The chalet is on the small and cosy side, one large living space with living room and dining area on the main floor, including the fireplace and soakingly comfortable chairs. There is one single room and a spacious space upstairs shared between 2 or 3 persons.

Part of the simplicity of this adventure, the bathroom is shared among all, bathtub, toilet and sink all in one. The bathroom is cleaned daily for otpimal sense of cleanliness and hygiene.

sharing an experience | a mindful adventure

The fasting retreat at l'Echappeé Belle is destined to non-smoking adutls in good health.


In the warm season, from Sunday evening to Saturday at noon, 7 days ( 6 nights) retreats, with breaking of the fast on the 7th day. The schedule changes somewhat for the shorter/longer options.

The fee for one week fasting retreat from Sunday night till Saturday at noon is sfr. 900.-  
It include the lodging and the cleanse. One healing session of one hour is graciously offered when you book a one week retreat.

Short fast / detox fee for 3 days is sfr. 520.- francs / 4 days is sfr. 680.-. Healing sessions are offered with a discount.

A phone interview will take place to assess your expectations and answer your questions. This will ensure the basis of your registrations. You will then receive a form to fill in and send back. The reservation fee is 50% of the total price will be wired upon registration and confirm your booking. This will secure your participation to the retreat.

Once the registration process is complete, you will receive a retreat notebook which will provide you will all the useful informations that will allow you to prepare nicely for your fast.

The remaining 50% of the fee will be wired the week prior to the retreat of paid in cash upon arrival at l'Échappée Belle on the first day of the retreat.

In case of a cancellation or impossibility to take part in the chosen retreat, the downpayment is not reimbursed. If you have wired the whole fee prior to the beginning of the retreat, this amount is not reimbursed in case of cancellation. You can however find someone to replace you at the retreat.

All fasting retreat that is started id due in is integral amount.

The registration form presents you with a waiver, and you give discharge to the organiser of the retreat. There will be no responsibility engaged on the part of the host and coach of these retreats.

Reminder : the fasting retreats of l'Echappée Belle are meant for adutls in good health and non-smoker.

Sorry, no pets, no TV, no en suite bathroom, no gym. Other than larger than life nature.


Surrender to your curiosity | for instant cravings


The complete guide to fasting : heal your body through intermittent, alternate-day, and extended fasting. Jimmy Moore. Dr. Jason Fung. Victory Belt publishing, 2016

Fasting : the ultimate guide for beginners. Adrian Michel. CreateSpace, 2017

Et si on s'arrêtait un peu de manger... de temps en temps. Bernard Clavière. Nature et Partage, 2e éd. 2015     - Available in English soon : highly recommended !
see also

Le charme discret de l'intestin : tout sur un organe mal aimé. Giulia Enders. Actes Sud, 2015    -  Available in English under the raw title - Gut : the inside story of our body's most underrated organ.

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